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United Way's Community Conversations of 2013

Community Conversations

Every four years United Way surveys the community to see where there may be gaps in services.Through giving, advocating and volunteering we can work together to solve the issues we see.

We have concluded the 2013 Community Assessment. Here are the results:


A Little History: 2008-2009 Community Conversation and Assessment

Description: DSCF1072.JPG Over 1,500 members of the community responded to an online survey indicating what they considered to be the most pressing issues in Westchester and Putnam.

A task force of experts and leading volunteers was then put together for each focus area in education, income and health. Through research, they identified root causes and indicators (actual data) which helped them to prioritize concerns from the community assessment.

Then the task force, along with other volunteers, created strategies to address the goals, indicators and root causes for ten problem areas. Nonprofits were then selected through an application process to be part of a team working on addressing these problems. Each of the nonprofits agreed to meet together quarterly to learn from each other and measure shared results for their initiative.

Thank you to all the volunteers who led this process and are at the heart of our work!

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