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Join us in pledging to increase the graduation rate in our communities.

Every nine seconds a student drops out of high school in America1.  Here in Westchester and Putnam we have some large communities with graduation rates as low as 55%.2

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1 in 5 eighteen year-olds in Westchester will not graduate with their peers. In Putnam it is more than 1 in 10.1

This affects us all:

  • 75% of crimes in the US are committed by high school dropouts.3
  • The cost to the US public for crimes and welfare benefits due to dropouts is close to $200 billion annually.3
  • Dropouts earn only 60% of what high school graduates make and 40% of what college graduates make.3
  • This results in about $50 billion dollars in lost state and federal tax revenues each year3.

During United Way’s community assessment process, we identified several factors in our community that frequently lead to kids dropping out of school, including:

  • Children who start Kindergarten unprepared
  • Students whose reading level is low or who have high truancy of 20 or more days.

Partners from around the 2 county area have come together to address the factors that lead to low graduation rates. Learn about our partner focus areas and how you can help:

  • Thrive By Five: Focuses on giving children a foundation of learning so they are ready for school.
  • SmartStart: Prevents at-risk children from giving up on school.
  • Intergenerational Programs:  With the needs so great on either side of the generational spectrum, United Way has a simple solution: employ the unique strengths of younger and older generations to help each other.

Other education support, that United Way provides, includes the Ruth Taylor Scholarships. Read more.

For more information about our Community Impact programs, contact Susan Schefflein, 914-997-6700 x753.


1National High School Center: Quick Fact Sheet
2Westchester Children’s Association Data Finder

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