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Financial Education Resources

Additional resources are provided to help learn more about relevant topics. Below you will find links to publications, websites, and articles containing more information and tools to help implement new financial strategies. The United Way of Westchester and Putnam does not endorse any particular source of public financial information.



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  • Steps to control spending
    Money CNN: Ideal Budget: Test how you measure up. Lessons on how to get on track.
  • Budgeting Apps
    Mint.com: Free, highly rated financial management app to calculate and categorize your spending.


  • Credit Education Library
    Credit Matters - Easy steps to understand credit                                      

Basic Banking and Saving

  • Saving Strategies and estimators
    Consumer Federation of America:
    Find a local savings campaign for consumer advocacy and education and make use of tools such as a customized home wealth estimator. The bank you choose matters! How to choose and use savings bank tips and resources.
  • Resource library
    National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE):
    Search financial topics relevant to your finances such as retirement, health insurance, debt and taxes.
  • Banking and Savings Basics    
    Money CNN: Take the test! How good is your knowledge of banking basics?             


  • Investment Basics
    Money CNN: Crucial strategies for the new investor—learning the financial instruments.
  • Resource Library
    National Endowment for Financial Education: Search financial topics relevant to your finances such as mutual funds, home ownership and fraud.
  • Tools, calculators, resources
    GreenPath Debt Solutions: Useful tools to help you figure out how to save, how to invest and how much money you'll need to save.

Buying a Home

  • Information about the home buying process and access to counselors
    US Department of Housing and Urban Development

  • Important Considerations
    Money CNN: Learn the ten most important pointers to know before purchasing a home. Resource tools and vital information.

  • Buying Process, homeownership, rent vs. buy
    GreenPath Debt Solutions: Straight talk about the pros and cons of renting vs. buying including flexibility, unexpected costs and market swings.

  • Homebuying Programs for Low Income Families
    Doughroller.net: Find homebuying programs and save on a down payment.
    Homebuying Institute: A collection of links and information relating to low-income mortgages and other programs.

  • Mortgage Calculator - Discusses education for kids and the value of money 

Managing Debt

  • Debt management information
    Money CNN: e to become debt-free and calculate the correct payment to achieve that goal. Damage control: The smart way to manage your hard-earned money.

  • Bankruptcy process
    GreenPath Debt Solutions: Go back to school for an education in bankruptcy. Study “Bankruptcy Basics” which walks you through the entire process including bankruptcy counseling and court and its aftermath.

  • Get out of debt resources
    Educators Advisory Council: Download or order FREE money skills materials such as DVDs, video games and brochures.         

Kids and Money

  • Youth Money Education & Management
    Department of the Treasury: Basic financial concepts, money math, games and videos for the digital generation.

  • Kids and Money
    Money CNN:
    Investing in our future: A parents’ guide to raising smart money managers. To give or not to give: Pros and cons of childhood allowance.                          

Securing Health Insurance

  • Healthcare finder
    US Department of Health and Human Services: Information is power—compare insurance plans and providers and understand the Healthcare Law.

  • Health insurance primer
    Money CNN: Get the most bang for your healthcare buck: Money-saving strategies for health insurance.       

  • Resources, find insurance
    Business Week - Talks about where someone can get healthcare insurance

  • Comprehensive Information
    Money CNN: Find out about little known discounts that can save you REAL money.

  • Home insurance primer
    National Association of Realtors - Describes home insurance

  • Resources, tools, and calculators
    Homeinsurance LLC : Size up what your home is worth and how much coverage you need.


  • Tax information and resources
    IRS: Don’t mess with the tax man—stay current on filing requirements and “chat” with an interactive tax assistant.

  • Basic tax information
    Money CNN Beinging Tax infomation
  • The basics on taxes
    The Kiplinger: View instructive videos on topics such as charitable contributions, tax audits and maximizing deductions.

  • Taxes 101
    About.com: Five basic ideas to help you understand what taxes are all about.
  • Filing for the first time
    Fastweb.com: Step by step instructions for first-time filers.

Identity Theft

  • Identity Protection
    IRS: Find out if you are victim of identity theft and get help through the IRS.

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