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Description: Many of us have lost a loved one because of poor health choices. Obesity, stress, drugs and excessive alcohol use are widespread in our schools and homes.

  • 34% of surveyed children in Westchester elementary schools were overweight or at risk of being overweight (13% are obese).1
  • 19.9% of Westchester adults, and 25% in Putnam are obese2
  • 40% of Putnam 8th graders reported drinking alcohol and 15% of 10th graders reported coming to school drunk or high.3 60% of Westchester 12th graders report drinking alcohol monthly (24% higher than New York state peers).4

During United Way’s community assessment process, several health factors were identified:

  • Lack of fresh vegetables in the diet, especially in very low income families.
  • Barriers to exercise.
  • High levels of stress affecting both teens and parents.
  • Students were involved in risky behaviors such as drugs and alcohol.

Partners from around the area have come together to address the factors that lead to obesity and unhealthy behaviors. Learn about our health initiatives and how you can help:

Step Up 2 Health
Works to reduce obesity rates through community gardens, education, exercise and nutrition programs. Read more.

Voices for Positive Choices
Focuses on giving teens and parents the tools and support to make positive choices in their lives and reduce the risky behaviors they frequently exhibit when under significant stress. Read more.

Intergenerational Health Initiative
Makes communities safer and stronger by bringing older adults, children and youth together to live healthier lives. Read more.

Other Health Programs
People cannot afford their basic medications or pay exorbitant costs. The FamilyWize discount card gives an average of 30% off the cost of prescription drugs. Read more.

1 Westchester County Department of Health (2007)
3 2010 Prevention Needs Assessment Survey Results, Putnam County Communities That Care Coalition
4 Westchester County Drug Prevention – Westchester Coalition for Drug and Alcohol Free Youth (2009 teen self-report)

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