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Income_2_large.jpgUnited Way is working hard to give Westchester and Putnam families a better road map to get out of debt and find stability. Here are the issues:

  • The cost of living in the United States had increased by nearly 90% in the past 20 years – the average income has only increased by 25%.1
  • More than 1/3 of low-income working families spend over 40% of their income on housing.1
  • The unemployment rate for people with disabilities (16.4%) is more than twice that of their non-disabled peers.2
  • The poverty rate in New York has risen to 16% (2010) from 14.2% (2008). A family of four makes less than $22,314 a year to be considered in poverty.3

During United Way’s community assessment process, several factors were identified that contribute to financial instability:

  • Lack of skills in industries prevalent in our area like health care.
  • Little affordable housing for working families.
  • Lack of knowledge for budgeting and reducing debt.

Partners from around the area have come together to address these factors through special initiatives:

Teach Me to Fish…Work Skills for Life
Gives hard-to-place individuals training, opportunities and on-the-job follow-up to get back on the job track. Read more.

Homeward Bound
Creates a more favorable climate in local communities for the development and preservation of affordable housing. Read more.

Financial Education Program
Individuals and families learn how to manage and preserve assets through financial education workshops and coaching. Read more.

Emergency Basic Needs
Gets families the emergency help they need to put food on the table and have shelter. Read more.


1United Way Worldwide, “United Way’s Income Strategies and Approaches”
2American Association of People with Disabilities (2010)
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