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Intergenerational Health Initiative

Communities are healthier when people of all ages and cultures come together to tackle issues which affect us all.
Thanks to a partnership with the Helen Andrus Benedict Foundation, United Way has woven intergenerational programming into both of our education and health initiatives.

Why is intergenerational programming so important?
Communities with deeper interactions between age groups have:

Greater trust and
: People check up on each other- whether it is a teen checking on an older adult during a storm or an older adult asking about the school work of a student.
Ms. Little throws away her walker for a better life.

Better resources and solutions to shared problems: Community problems are frequently complex. When people of all ages come to the table to solve them together, the solutions are more varied and successful.

Happier and more vibrant lives: In today’s world of closed doors, it feels amazing to walk down your street and know the people who live there. Many communities have even started walking groups open to all ages.

Help is a two-way street when older adults and teens come together in a neighborhood. Teens at Riverside High School surveyed and then helped older adults who wanted to stay in their homes but could not keep up with the yard work. The older adults then taught the students about cooking and shared meals with them.

Our 2013-2014 Intergenerational Health Initiative Partners:

  • Family Service Society of Yonkers
  • Groundwork Hudson Valley

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