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Run a Workplace Fundraising Campaign

Nonprofit employees frequently give as much or more to charities as their for-profit peers. But how do you ask employees, who already give so much of their time and passion, for a donation?

Some nonprofits have turned to United Way as an experienced outside agency to run their internal campaign. Employees can direct donations to either your nonprofit or United Way’s Community Impact Initiatives.
A professional team of staff at United Way are here to assist you in many ways including to:

  • Personalize handouts with your logo
  • Send speakers to employee gatherings
  • Help you select a specific cause employees can rally behind (ie. keeping kids in school)
  • Train and motivate your campaign team leaders

Toolkit, Flyers, Handouts and More

For more information about running a fundraising campaign please call us at 914-997-6700 x725

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