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United Way of Westchester and Putnam's

Women's Leadership Council

The Women's Leadership Council is a unique movement of women in Westchester and Putnam working together to engage, educate and empower others to become leaders and actively participate in the betterment of our community. We invest in exceptional programs and encourage community involvement to help provide others with education, financial stability and health – the building blocks for a quality life.

For more information, please call Margaret Tramontine at 914-997-6700 x737.


Harnessing women's leadership and philanthrophy as agents of change to promote financial self-sufficiency, education, and health among women and their children.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead


37.6% of Westchester single moms, with children under 5, live in poverty.

4.2% of families headed by married couples, with children under 5, live in poverty.

Teach Me to Fish gives hard-to-place individuals skills training, financial education and coaching to access better jobs and get out of debt.

23% of students who score below basic reading in 3rd grade will drop out of school.

SmartStart builds success for at-risk children in elementary school, while also helping caregivers prepare young children for kindergarten.


United Way Women's Leadership Council (WLC) believe that when a network of caring, powerful women get together to engage hands and work together to drive change, anything is possible.

The WLC is a global network of 62,000 passionate women dedicated to addressing the most critical needs in 145 local communities across the U.S.. Collectively, they have raised an excess of $1 Billion in 12 years for their communities and signature issues.

Beyond an annual financial contribution, members can invest their time, professional expertise, and talent to advance causes they care about, while at the same time connecting with other powerful, committed women in the community.


The Women's Leadership Council is open to women who are interested in improving the lives of women and their families in Westchester and Putnam. If you are passionate about your community and want to commit to positive change, please join us with an annual gift of $1,000 or more and receive the following membership benefits:

Connects you to a network of like-minded business women and community leaders while working          together to enhance the lives of others.

Offers educational programs, behind-the-scenes experiences, and invitations to exclusive events that          feature noted speakers and women of influence.

Includes us in a national network of 62,000 women from more than 145 local communities.

Enhances the value of women's philanthropy in Westchester and Putnam.

Instills the satisfaction of changing lives for the better in our community.


It is no secret that women's income and education levels are on the rise. We also know that women are passionate about communities. United Way believes in the power of women to create positive change:

Women give an average of 3.5% of their wealth to charity, while men give an average of 1.8%.

Women are 43% of the nation's top wealth holders.

Women make 83% of all consumer purchases.


Our Women's Leadership Council members:

Meet with NYS legislators to advocate for women and children.

Work with homeless women to create resumes for job seeking.

Help elementary school children with their summer reading assignments.

Connect with other like-minded women in our community.


Elizabeth Bracken-Thompson, Thompson & Bender
Marissa Brett, Westchester County Association
Angela Brock-Kyle, Community Leader
Stacey Cohen, Co-Communications, Inc.
Robin Colner, DigiStar Media
Donna Goldman Hirsch, Community Leader
Janet Hasson, Journal News Media Group
Leslie Lampert, Cafe of Love, Ladle of Love
Ruth H. Mahoney, Hudson Valley/Metro NY KeyBank
Kate McDonough, Community Leader
Bernadette H. Schopfer, Maier Markey & Justice LLP
Angela Derecas Taylor, Office of the Mayor, New Rochelle
Andrea Wolfert, First Niagara Bank
Wendy Wollner, Balancing Life's Issues, Inc.


Herwinder H. Ahuja
Cheryl Archbald
Janet Belardi
June Blanc
Elizabeth Bracken-Thompson
Marissa Brett
Angela Brock-Kyle
Randi J. Brosterman
Gail Carmody
Stacey Cohen
Jane F. Collen
Robin Colner
Susan Corcoran
Heather Galgan
Carlene Gentilesco
Swati Goel-Patel
Donna Goldman Hirsch
Nancy C. Gould
Maria Angeles Hegglin
Annie Huang
Janet Hasson
Nan Hayworth
Haina Just-Michael
Alisa H. Kesten
Leslie Lampert
Ruth H. Mahoney
Kelly L. Marcucilli
Kate McDonough
Annette McLaughlin
Sheryl McSherry
Lara Morrison
Judy Myers
Alyzza C. Ozer
Amanda Paredes
Denise Rempe
Susan Ruth
Sherry Saturno
Bernadette H. Schopfer
Emily Sherwood
Pamela M. Sloan
Fran Snedeker
Ellen Sonet
Marianne L. Sussman
Alana Sweeny
Angela Derecas Taylor
Phyllis Tunnell
Janet Walker
Andrea Wolfert
Monica Wollner
Wendy Wollner

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